Obi Wan Kenobi - Revenge of the Sith

Made of high quality fabric and material. Screen accurate!
In this package you will get the following:
1.) Dark Brown Robe (75" long)
2.) Belt with 3 pouches and 8 capsules
3.) Tunic set which consists of two pieces (an inner and outer)
4.) A sash
3.) A Pair of Tabards
4.) A Pair of Pants

Men Adult

Suitable Chest
Suitable Waist(ELASTIC)


36-40 inches

32-38 inches

40-44 inches
36-42 inches
44-48 inches
40-46 inches

Belt Sizing

Jedi Belt Size Measurements


Length of Belt

Suitable WAIST sizes


44 "

32 - 38"


47 "

36 - 42"


50 "

41 - 46"


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