Power Ranger Suits

This suit is made from high quality lycra fabric. Lycra fabric is a stretchy fabric that conforms to your body's shape. We recomend to order a size above what you would normally would wear to insure a comfortable fit, for example if you normally wear medium shirts you should be ordering a large size. This item has a vertical zipper along the back of the costume. 

The underhood being sold in this listing is to wear underneath the ranger suit. It is meant to cove the neck for a more authentic ranger look. It is universal size for standard small, medium, or large individual.

We do not sell Pink & White Ranger Suits - Please do not message us about it. We just do not have them, and no we don't know where to get them.
Here is the reason. For the Pink Ranger we can only get "hot pink" color which does not match our cuffs/boots or helmet. It also does not come with the skirt. So instead of selling a bad product we just removed it as an item. For the White Ranger - the material we use can be see through so we couldn't offer the regular sizes we carry. So until we find good material to use for the White Ranger suit we will not be selling that item as well.


Please note this is the for suit only (Helmet, gloves, cuffs, boots, and belt are not included)

If you're 5' - 6'0" 100 - 120lbs - Order an LARGE
If you're 5'3" - 6'0" 100 - 155lbs - Order an XL
If you're 5'3" - 6'3" 160lb - 220lbs - Order an XXL 


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