Complete Package

This is a special priced package that includes:

  • Power Ranger Boots
  • Power Ranger Gloves/Cuffs
  • Power Ranger Suit (except White Ranger)
  • Power Ranger Underhood
  • Power Ranger Belt (& shield if applicable)

If you order the White Power Ranger, you will be given the appropriate belt/shield that goes along with that costume.

If you order the Green Power Ranger, you will be given the appropriate shield/armbands that goes along with that costume.

Morpher not included.
We do not sell Pink Ranger full costumes - do not message or ask where you can find one.

We do not sell White Ranger Suits - Please do not message us about it. We just do not have them, and no we don't know where to get them. T he material we had can be see through so we couldn't offer the regular sizes we carry. So until we find good material to use for the White Ranger suit we will not be selling that item as well. I suggest buying an Under Armour like product for the white ranger suit.

We give you a special deal if you buy all the pieces together. For detailed information you can go back and look up each item in their respective categories. Choose the sizes you need below. Then when you checkout leave a note so we can get the boot measurements from you (US shoe size, foot length, foot width, calf circumference). Also include the size of your suit in the Notes section.

We recommend to order a size above what you would normally would wear to insure a comfortable fit, for example if you normally wear medium shirts you should be ordering a large size. This item has a vertical zipper along the back of the costume. 

The items arrive in several shipments, with the following ETA:
Boots 3-4 weeks from your order date.
Underhood, Suit, Gloves, Cuffs, Regular Belt 5-7 days from your order date (10-14 if International)
Green and White Shields/White Ranger Belt/Green Ranger Armbands 3-4 weeks from your order date.

It's always smart to double check with us about your size (for the suit), so feel free to send us an email before placing an order:


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